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Deskripsi PE401H


Functions and Features

High resolution, High brightness
This projector delivers clarity of 1080p DLP® chip and brilliance of 4000 lumens to the classroom, lecture room and conference room, which allows the audience to view data such as spread sheets, video-conferencing and CAD drawing more clearly.

High resolution of 1920 x 1080 DLP® chip
In the case of using Excel, the entire spread sheet can be projected on the screen then you are free from the care to scroll and adjust the sheet during the presentation.

1.7 x zoom for flexibility of the installation.
TThis projector also supports a 1.7 x zoom to cover a wide throw distance.

Built in 8W + 8W stereo speakers
This projector comes with integral 8W + 8W stereo speakers so you do not require external speakers.

Two HDMI inputs
The projector employs the Two HDMI inputs increase your connection options as the number of HDMI devices is increasing.

Quick power off, direct power off
This projector can be put away immediately after the projector is powered down. No cool down period is required after the projector is turned off from the remote control or cabinet control panel. This projector has a feature called “Direct Power Off” . This feature allows the projector to be turned off (even when projecting an image) by using the Main Power Switch or disconnecting the AC power supply. To turn off the AC power supply when the projector is powered on, use a power strip equipped with a switch and a breaker.

Vertical Keystone Correction
With this function, keystone distortion of vertically up to ± 40degrees from the projection angle can be digitally corrected.

0.5 W in standby condition with energy saving technology
Selecting [POWER-SAVING] for [STANDBY MODE] from the menu can put the projector in power-saving mode in which it consumes only 0.5 W (typical value).

Various security functions

  • Keyword protection
  • Cabinet control panel locks
  • Security slot
  • Security chain opening


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